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So you’ve written a great book (or in the process), now how to turn that into an engaging listening experience.

Escape to a different era, a different planet, relive gripping crimes, or be informed and grow your understanding ofthe world;
we help authors bring their books to life as a audiobooks.



We’ll work with you/your publisher to map out a production schedule to complete the project in time and on budget.

If required, we can assist with guidance about self-publishing and distribution to audiobook platforms.


Want to read the work yourself? That’s fine, some authors are totally comfortable voicing their own work. But if your book requires a different kind of voice or tone, we start with casting the right voice actor. We can even provide sample recordings to ensure they’re the right person for your project.

If you’re keen to voice it yourself,  we’ll help with vocal coaching and guidance  to make sure you feel comfortable and  sound your best across the recording sessions.

- Scout for suitable voice talent, according to client/publisher brief
- Supply voice options for consideration
- Provide test recordings / voice talent samples


Depending on the length of the work, voiceover recording may take one sitting or many.

We map out a recording schedule to suit all parties (voice talent, author,publisher)

- Recording voice talent in studio at Production Farm
- Monitored by a Production Farm producer/technical producer
- Author/Publisher sitting in on sessions to assist with clarifications (ie: context and pronunciations)



The aim is to make it an engaging listening experience – to do that usually the voiceover needs some ‘cleaning up’, and editing to make it the best possible experience.

Raw takes are not perfect, so with some special tools we de-pop, delete lip-smacks, reduce big breaths, and remove extraneous noises.  Along with stumbles and re-take lines.

If an audiobook requires music or sound effects, with access to libraries full of music and effects we can license the supporting material the project needs.

-Edit voiceover recordings / editing into chapters & sections
-Package with music (if/where required)
-Mix audio according to specifics of audiobook platform(s)




Next we check for corrections, before providing the final edit.

Our in-house review is a dedicated listen to check for errors and corrections.

At this stage we can provide draft files for you/publisher review too.

- in house review by Production Farm audiobook reviewer
- Listen to entire book for errors and corrections
-Client/author review and revisions to audiobook




- Voiceover recording session to fix any correction and amendments
- Apply corrections and amendments
- Edit voiceover recordings / editing into chapters & sections




- Provide final audiobook according to specifications of platform(s)
- Assist with the loading to final platform (Amazon, Audible, etc)

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