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Reach your audience with an engaging listening experience. We produce seriously hot sounding podcasts. Crisp, quality sound made to work for your audience’s ears.

Podcast... Audiocast... Webisode... or Radio Play (if you’re from the 1940s)... whatever you call it, we create great sounding audio on demand.

Before we get into packages and prices, here’s a snapshot of our podcast process.

Our Podcast Process:

Plan It

  • Discuss your idea, goals, vision for the podcast
  • Dig into the PURPOSE of the podcast
  • We use the 3 ‘Fs’ of podcasting - FUNCTION / FORM / FAMOUS

- What is the FUNCTION of the podcast?

- What FORM will it take? The style and structure of the podcast

- How or Who will we make it FAMOUS (ie celebrity host, well known guests,edgy or hot topic)

  • Plan for location recording - In-house at Production Farm Studios,- your office, home, or other location
  • Roadmap the podcast series and each individual episode

Create It

  • Pre-recording prep – what elements are required prior to hitting record
  • Build show theming - intro/outro/music beds/including voiceovers
  • Assist with coaching, preparation,and content creation
  • Gather the guests, prep them, coach them, hit record and capture every moment
  • Post-production editing and sweetening - clean up the audio/video to make it a great listening experience
  • Work with you/the client to review and refine the podcast sound
  • Create podcast artwork (if required)

Send It

  • Setup hosting and distribution to major podcast platforms
  • Provide links for embedding to stakeholders
  • Ongoing distribution management –load and publish new episodes to major podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts,Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc)
  • Provide links for social media and marketing engagement

Review It

  • Track the performance of your podcast
  • Provide detailed statistics - analytics on number of listeners, geolocations, sources
  • Suggest areas to improve listener engagement
  • Work together to action improvements

The best way to find out more about our podcast production services is to book a free Sound Scoping Session with us. It only takes 30 minutes and we talk ideas and how we can help you produce your podcast with crisp sound and to best engage your listeners.

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Our Podcast Packages

Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes; one size DOESN'T fits all. But we can tailor a package to suit your project and production budget.


SOME OF Our Podcast Work:

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