Professional Sound and Recording Studio Hire in Hobart

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We take the tech hassle out of your recording session experience, and let you focus on the creativity

We take the tech hassle out of your sound recording experience, so you can focus on your craft.

Our Hobart based studio is available and equipped for hire for a range of uses: 

  • Solo or group recordings
  • Podcast recording, with remote guest capabilities
  • Post-production editing suite/sound design
  • Audiobook voice recording and editing
  • Studio to Studio linkup, with Source Connect or similar remote access  
  • Vocal/Music recording
  • Video/Photo shoot

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What we offer

  • Production Editing Suite 
  • Professional Recording Studio / Soundproof Voicebooth
  • Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstations
  • Extensive plugin range (Waves/iZotope)
  • Podcast Recording & Production Studio
  • Portable Podcast Recording Equipment
  • Location Recording Equipment
  • Remote Recording (Source Connect/Squadcast/Zoom)
  • Various Microphones
  • Video Capture/Production

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