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Alien sci-fi voices, Giant whooshes SFX, Crunchy footsteps on ice; we’ve created them all. We can help you engage your audience with a memorable sonic experience.

DID YOU KNOW, Flies cannot hear sound of any kind. Not even their own buzzing. Shame for them!

However, we do occasionally use the sound of flies in sound design projects.

Clients engage our services to find ‘that right sound’, so their project engages audiences in a memorable sonic experience.

Alien sci-fi voices, Giant whooshes SFX (sound effects), Crunchy footsteps on ice; we’ve created them all.

Sound Design Applications:

  • Advertising content
  • Sound to support animation
  • Meditation soundtracks
  • Audio for multimedia presentations
  • Self-guided tours
  • Art installation or exhibition
  • Firework/Laser show soundtrack

We can take care of the music/SFX licensing to allow your project to go live without the stress of licensing material.

And if it's not in our sound libraries, we'll create it ourselves... even buzzing flies sound effects.

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