Recording & PRoduction Sound Studio

Production Farm is a full service production studio with a passion for quality podcasts, sound design, audiobooks, audio tours and voiceovers.

Our Services


We love recording and producing seriously good podcasts to engage your audience.

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Audiobook Production

Transport listeners to another world through sound. We produce audiobooks that bring words to life.

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Sound Design / Post Production

Alien sci-fi voices, Giant whooshes SFX, Crunchy footsteps on ice; we’ve created them all. We can help you engage your audience with a memorable sonic experience.

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Looking for the ideal voices to make your audio project stand out, we know more than a few talented voiceover artists.

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Recording Studio Hire

“Hello… Testing… One Two… is this thing on?” We’ll take the tech hassle out of your sound recording session experience, and let you focus on the creativity.

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About us

Production Farm is a podcast & audio production studio based in Hobart, Tasmania. We produce digital and radio audio and sound content for clients of all sizes worldwide.

If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re not real farmers. Though some of the team do knock around in a flannie and gumboots. Hey... what they do on weekends is their business!
We might be a small crop, but we think a pretty good bunch of experts in our field.

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