The Power of the Shared Story

Some tips on why and how to use story telling in your communication messages.

By Geoff Esdaile | Content Creator‍‍

The Power of the Shared Story

How can I use story telling in my communication messages?


The most important word in the title is ‘shared’.


Stories are meant to be shared. One person delivers the message, the other person receives it. It might be information, it might be humour or it might be heart breaking. But what is the purpose of story sharing in business?

And what is the magic bullet that turns shared stories into business dollars?


A quick side note. When I say‘stories’, I don’t mean a fantasy ‘once apon time’ stories. Your business story can be about its authentic history, its founder, its process, its genuine product, its staff or the end result it brings to its customers.


OK, back to story telling

Stories have a way of finding their true audience more than a short-term offer. In other words, your most valuable customer, the 20% who give you 80% of your business will relate more genuinely and deeply to the benefits of doing business with you via the journey of a story.  

A good story can stop time. A story holds the listeners attention away from whatever they were doing. In the case of a podcast or a regular radio programme, they are making an appointment with you to share time together.

A good story can reconfirm and support a belief your customer already knew. It makes them feel smart.

On the other hand, a good story tells your customer something they didn’t know, about a subject they wanted to know more about.

A good story can change your potential customers mind and if you can convincingly do that, you’ll become a reliable source of information for a long time.

Stories can go beyond facts and figures

Stories can go beyond facts and figures, data,statistics and genuinely connect people with the emotion of what you are saying. Numbers can always be compared, altered, and become outdated but an emotional truth will always last.

A shared story, first from business to customer then customer to customer builds brand ambassadors whose positive word of mouth is the best and cheapest form advertising.

A unique story about your business occupies a new space in people’s minds and can give your business a new category that can’t be copied by competitors.

Stories not offers, last years even generations. From people telling cherish stories on radio that happened 20 years ago to brands telling their story of what happened a generation ago these examples illustrate the staying power of truth well told.

Good long-lasting stories are not angry, not there to trick you, make you feel stupid or point the finger of accusation at you. Let your audience share in the happy positive ending that benefits everyone.  

How are you going to share your story?

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